Windham Regional Arts Council

Photo by Joanne Sibicky

Announcing the Winners of the 2018 Young Artists Music Competition

Grades 7 - 9 Piano

1st Place: Grace Nieh

2nd Place: Dustin Rood

Grades 7 - 9 Wind Instruments

1st Place: Bernie Odoy

2nd Place: Ella Popovic

3rd Place: Pierce Perez

Grades 7- 9 Stringed Instruments

1st Place: Tyler Tan

2nd Place: Grace Nieh

3rd Place: Aaron Kaufold

Grades 10- 12 Piano

1st Place: Joseph Piresson II

2nd Place: Ayushman Choudhury

3rd Place: Mattei Mendoiu

Grades 10 - 12 Wind & Strings

1st Place: Anatole Keshwani

2nd Place: Ayushman Choudhury

3rd Place: Joseph Piresson II

Grades 9 - 12 Vocal

1st Place: Caroline Duers

2nd Place: Alaina Magaldi

3rd Place: Erin Williams

Featured artists of the month at the Windham Hospital Gallery

December 2018: Members Art Show

"Small & Affordable Art for the Holidays"

Special Awards

Patricia Bellingham Piano Award

Grace Nieh

Edward Gerry Stringed Instrument Prize

Tyler Tan

Edward Gerry Wind Instrument Prize

Ayushman Choudhury

Mariaelena McDevitt Memorial Vocal Award

Caroline Duers

Grand Prize: Soloist with Willimantic Orchestra on May 5, 2019

Caroline Duers