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The Windham Regional Arts Council was formed in 1983 to organize community arts activities in the Windham CT area. We are a non-profit volunteer organization with a membership of nearly 300, and new members are always welcome.



The Windham Regional Arts Council was established in 1983, in conjunction with the celebration of the 150th year of the establishment of the borough of Willimantic.

Since then, WRAC has grown in membership and scope. We serve the greater Windham area in our mission to bring arts & cultural experiences to the community. We are a non-profit organization, made up entirely of volunteers.

On December 4, 2022 WRAC hosted its 36th annual Young Artists Music Competition. Pictured here are the competitors, in advance of the award ceremony. See the "Events" page for photos and list of the winners!


Officers & Board

President: Catherine Shires

Vice President: Carol Twardowski-Heap

Treasurer: Joanne Sibicky

Secretary: Sheila Quinn Clark


Board Members

Carlos Chuquizuta

Trish Fabish

Janet Gaylor

Tom Hurlbut

Claudette Marshall (Advisor)

Lorraine McDevitt

Karen Olson

 Scott Rhoades

Sara Rogers

Dan Thomacos

Michelle Welles

Lorraine Williams


Interested in being part of our board?

Please contact us by phone or email!

Our Supporters

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